Programme Three

Starring David Hayman and the Lotus Elise Eco concept car…

We look at industrial hemp in the contemporary market. We examine the obsession with petrochemicals which drives the global situation. This leads to an overview of the pressures still at play to counter hemp’s return at a time when it is most needed. Recently restored to the status of a legal crop in the UK, its place within the industrial marketplace is explored as new technologies are developed in order to utilize its huge potential. We end this series looking at what must change to integrate hemp into society once more and allow it to flourish in its true role as a world saving plant.

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Programme Two

Starring David Hayman

We explore the potential of Industrial hemp with regard to combating World Poverty and providing a potential solution to the “War for Hearts and Minds” in Afghanistan.  We look at the suggestions made by various bodies who address these issues.  By analyzing the history of how hemp has been suppressed, we examine the failure of the United States’ War on Drugs, which has illegally made a scapegoat of this crop whilst contributing to the worldwide spread of heroin and cocaine in order to finance equally illegal Foreign policy.

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Programme One

Starring David Hayman and Jack Herer

We explain the nature and many uses of industrial hemp. We explore its varied potential in the battle against climate change and health issues and provide an overview of the renewed interest of what many have come to call a “wonder crop”.  The fact that the plant could provide a renewable source of oil and plastic within a “closed carbon cycle” (meaning it is better than carbon neutral, putting back more into the fight against pollution than the damage burning it causes) means hemp is the only organic way to repair our damaged planet. Unfortunately for most of the last century it has been illegal to cultivate. In this first programme we also look at how this situation came about and the forces behind the scenes that had a vested interest in seeing it banned.

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Series in PreProduction

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What do you want us to include?

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The story so far…

A 3 x 60 minute Series

Made in the UK for TV


Industrial hemp is a crop that was illegal throughout most of the globe for almost sixty years of the last century.  Despite its membership of the cannabis sativa family, it is a benign strain that has a different biological composition and no potential for use or misuse as an illegal drug. The properties that it does have, however, identify it as a means by which some of the greatest catastrophes of our age can be effectively addressed. From Climate Change to World poverty, this wonder crop has the abilities to allow humanity to step back from the brink of disaster and repair much of the damage wreaked by the obsessive desire to control the world’s oil supply.

We propose a solution that could have avoided the painful and unnecessary death of a young girl in Afghanistan, looking at a means by which peaceful relations could be restored to her troubled country, rebuilding its economy and providing a means of reparation that could help bring a sensible and positive outcome to the madness of our times. The War on Drugs has failed and in this failure it continues to have a huge and negative impact on the current “War on Terror”. A change of policy could lead to dramatic changes in these and many other areas of concern in the world today. It is a plant that could provide a stabilizing force, renewing economic growth in such conflict stricken areas and ensuring the salvation of others like the little girl, across the planet

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